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Why AKA?

Association of Christians in Armed Forces (AKA) was found somewhere around year 1998. AKA unify Christians professionally tied to the Armed Forces of Czech Republic. AKA is based on ecumenical approach; we have "members" from many different Christian denominations. The main idea which stood there on the very beginning was to offer possibility to meet together and share spiritual values for Christian in military service. It was surprising how many Christians actually served in the military with the feeling they are the only Christians around. But the reality was (and still is), that there is a lot of Christians, but they only don't know about one another. So, one of the important goals of AKA is to bring those people together.

The first root

The roots of AKA in Czech Republic are unclear. It looks like there is more of them.

One of the first activities prior to establishment of today's AKA was effort of several ACCTS and AMCF workers. They tried to find and encourage any Christian in Czech Armed Forces. Aside of smaller almost private visits to Czech Republic there was planned a conference about Military Ethics in Kromeriz in year 1997. Among organizers there were also Zdenek Krejci and general Dufek.

The second root

As a second root can be considered a small fellowship of three cadets (Kamil Golombek, Petr Trefil and Jan Jezl) at Military Academy in Brno. It took place around years 1996-1998. Vision of these cadets was to find more Christians at the Academy and afterwards in units they were going to serve. The goal was clear - find and encourage Christians and people who are still searching the truth. Hopefully, they had some support and mentoring from abroad. For instance - Kamil Golombek participated in program "Rocky Mountain High" in Colorado. This was a big push forward and it helped to establish some contacts with similar fellowships abroad.

The third root

The third root, although indirect, was establishment of Chaplain Service in Czech Armed Forces in year 1998. The chaplains didn't help establish AKA directly, but they were always on hand for help and support.


At about that time (that means year 1998) a first idea to arrange very first meeting of Christians in Czech Armed forces appeared. On the preparations were working Kamil Golombek with his wife Zuzka, Bedrich Vasku and chaplain Tomas Holub. It took some time, but in 1999 in Hradec Kralove there took place the first conference, or better to say meeting, of soldiers - Christians. And here met together all the above mentinoed roots and many other Christians. The meeting was short, only friday evening and Saturday, but the first big step was done. There were also presented first ideas: AKA as a fellowship of soldiers - Christians, we discussed about its function (or mission), if and how to meet together and about the activities in general.

Following year (2000) there was already a bigger team of people preparing second conference. It took place in former scout camp (now already in possession of Christian organization) in Cerna Hora not far from Brno. The conference took the whole weekend and aside of "boring" presentations and meetings also relaxation and entertainment took place. This conference was crucial for future of AKA. Aside of all good things we first time experienced serious obstacles. People in AKA are of various denominations, so there were a lot of various ideas. One remark - counting the various denomination, AKA is quite unique among her sister organizations abroad. Especially that about 80% of members is Roman Catholics and that ecumenical approach works very well till today.

Following three conferences took part in Zdirec nad Doubravou.

For the 6th conference we decided to change place again, this time we were guests at Evangelic centre in Chotebor and as this place fits very well for needs, we kept comming back every year untill today.